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Accounting is the language of business, vital to understanding and communicating critical financial information, such as profits and losses, assets and liabilities, and cash flow.  Earning a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Sahal University can help you develop the accounting skills needed to work in many business areas and industries, such as finance, management, entertainment, operations management or forensic accounting.

Sahal University’s Bachelor’s in Accounting degree program can help prepare you for the workplace by teaching you key business concepts and tactics, while sharpening your communication and interpersonal skills.  Our curriculum can help you understand the core concepts of accounting, why it is so fundamental to businesses, and how using accounting can help businesses operate, perform and grow more efficiently. Our coursework includes an introduction to business and technology, as well as the study of data analysis, database management, and budgeting and forecasting.

Through our TechPath approach, we’ve put technology at the core of our programs in business, tech and health – including this program. Every TechPath class you take revolves around a unique learning rubric  developed at Sahal University. We call it People Process-Data-Devices or P2D2. You’ll gain real skills in collaboration, be able to adapt to new structures, and be comfortable working with data and a wide spectrum of tech-forward tools. P2D2 is a key component of what makes TechPath a smart, new way of getting the knowledge you need to be ready to hit the ground running in the way successful companies work today.


Communication Skills

ENGL113    Composition

ENGL136    Advanced Composition

ENGL216    Technical Writing

SPCH275     Public Speaking


ETHC445    Principles of Ethics

HIST405      Somali History

HUMN303 Introduction to the Humanities

LAS432        Technology, Society, and Culture

Social Sciences

ECON312    Principles of Economics

SOCS185     Culture and Society

SOCS325     Environmental Sociology

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

MATH116   Algebra for College Students (3)

MATH226   Statistics for Decision-Making (3)

SCI205         Environmental Science with Lab (3)

Personal and Professional Development

CARD405   Career Development

COLL148    Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Business and Technology

ACCT212    Financial Accounting

BIS155          Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab

BUSN115     Introduction to Business and Technology

BUSN315     Contemporary Business

BUSN319     Marketing

BUSN379     Finance

COMP100   Computer Applications for Business with Lab

MGMT303       Principles of Management


ACCT303    Principles of Accounting I

ACCT306    Principles of Accounting II

ACCT313    Intermediate Accounting III

ACCT326    Federal Tax Accounting I

ACCT360    Managerial Accounting

ACCT406    Advanced Accounting

ACCT426    Federal Tax Accounting II

ACCT431    Federal Income Taxation

ACCT436    Advanced Cost Management

ACCT439    Professional Ethics for Accountants

ACCT440    Accounting Research

ACCT446    Auditing

ACCT454    Accounting Information Systems with Lab

Accounting Senior Project ACCT461


BUSN350     Business Analysis

MGMT408 Management of Technology Resources


Sahal University bachelor’s degree programs in Accounting include elements of CPA Exam prep built right in to the coursework, so you’ll gain exposure to today’s most relevant accounting principles.



Applying to our Degree or Diploma Program is as follows;

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  4. High School Diploma and two passport-size photos
  5. Students are expected to pay only half of the fee $160
  6. Student can divide the fee into 4 installments

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