Department of Public Health & Nutrition

Public health nutrition combines the core principles of public health and nutrition to promote good health and prevent nutrition-related illnesses across communities and large populations. A professional degree program in public health nutrition thoroughly covers the function of food in human health through the lens of special groups to anticipate problems and prepare for solutions.

Course Description

Diet and nutrition have become increasingly important for the Somali population and public health. The Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition meets the needs of students who are interested in working in health promotion, especially the development, management and evaluation of community-based nutrition and food policy programs. It combines public and population health approaches with a sound understanding of the science of nutrition

The Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition requires the successful completion of 144 credits points in accordance with the course structure


Applying to our Degree or Diploma Program is as follows;

  1. Click the application form below Complete, sign and return application form to the office.
  2. The form 👉👉 Sahal University Registration Form
  3. Fill all the information in the application and click submit
  4. High School Diploma and two passport-size photos
  5. Students are expected to pay only half of the fee $160
  6. Student can divide the fee into 4 installments

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