Economics, Islamic Banking & Finance

Faculty of Economics, Islamic Banking & Finance


The Bachelor of Science in Faculty of Economics, Islamic Banking & Finance has been designed to provide students with thorough knowledge and skills in the financial sector, with a particular focus on the influence and impact of Islamic frameworks on economics, banking and finance generally.


  • Bachelor Degree of Economics
  • Bachelor’s degree of Islamic Banking & Finance

Economics is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the tradeoff between supply and demand. Those who study economics seek to understand trends — especially around production and consumption — on a small (microeconomics) or large (macroeconomics) scale. Economics also attempts to answer questions related to the spending habits of individuals and communities

The faculty offers programmes leading to award of Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Banking and Finance. The faculty also provides short term training in research and software applications (Excell, SPSS, Stata, Eviews and Gretl), data collection, data analysis, monitoring and evaluations, impact analysis and capacity building.

  • Embedded and self-organizing systems
  • Intelligent multimedia systems
  • Parallel and distributed systems

Islamic Banking & Finance we offer research and development for current problems and challenges on an internationally competitive level. The guiding principle of our education is the continuous innovation through advances in research. Consequently, we are able to provide modern Bachelor programs with excellent academic conditions. The faculty strives to provide a maximally personal interaction between students and staff.

The Bachelor in Islamic Banking programme is designed to equip you with the fundamentals and methodology of Islamic banking and financial system, providing you with comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and operating principles in Islamic banking as compared with conventional banking

Requirements: Usually general qualification for university entrance ; English Language,  Maths
No admission restrictions!
Standard period of study : 6 terms
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Starting of the course: usually starting Sept 15 of each academic year
Deadlines: All deadlines for applications are defined by Sahal Office of Registration

Along with learning mathematics and statistics, graduates foster deep critical thinking skills that are highly desirable, including the ability to:

  • Communicate and relay information and solutions to a variety of audiences
  • Interpret information to make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Understand the relationship between two items
  • Apply a methodical framework to logically work through problems

Professional opportunities

Individuals who earn a bachelor’s in economics degree are suited for a variety of careers, including economist, financial analyst, and accountant. Students who major in economics develop important analytical and mathematical skills, along with refined critical thinking abilities. This diverse skill set allows graduates to seek career opportunities with organizations in just about any sector.



Applying to our Degree or Diploma Program is as follows;

  1. Click the application form below Complete, sign and return application form to the office.
  2. The form 👉👉 Sahal University Registration Form
  3. Fill all the information in the application and click submit
  4. High School Diploma and two passport-size photos
  5. Students are expected to pay only half of the fee $160
  6. Student can divide the fee into 4 installments

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