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Sahal University  is recognized nationally and internationally as an outstanding institution in terms of its education of health professionals, Furthermore, it is an institution with a tradition of excellence and a proud history. A great health sciences institution, however, never rests comfortably on its past successes. A great health sciences institution does more thaan make history – it makes the future. Management of SSIU are deeply committed to success and this has been translated into an action agenda which recognizes the need for constant innovation and is dedicated to meet the health sciences challenges: those not yet conquered and those not yet known

The Bachelor in Science in Nursing program is designed to educate the next generation of leaders and managers in the nursing profession.

Requirements: Usually general qualification for university entrance ; English Language,  Maths
No admission restrictions!
Standard period of study : 6 terms
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Starting of the course: usually starting Sept 15 of each academic year
Deadlines: All deadlines for applications are defined by Sahal Office of Registration


Faculty of Health Sciences is a non-profit institution of higher education, its mission is to change
lives for good by offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire
to learn.

The mission is based on these philosophical principles:
 Education is a lifelong process and must be relevant to the student’s aspirations;
 Education should be affordable and offered, as much as possible, at the student’s
convenience; and
 Opportunity to learn should be open to anyone with the desire to achieve
 To provide high quality educational service that satisfies the different needs of our

1. To offer students graduated from secondary schools and other higher institutions;
equivalent knowledge.
2. To organize and offer quality training and skills to the people for development of the
3. To encourage learning education in different fields of health sciences.
4. To empower the educational level of the region
5. To create awareness and confidence among the public to mobilize and use the input
qualities and capabilities.
6. To prepare a scientific research in different fields of health sciences.
7. To promote peace and cohesion among the people of Somalia, and train manners and
ethics in general that can help the coming generations to establish a sound future.

Professional opportunities

The Bachelor in nursing Sciences holder will have the opportunity to chose working in various setting, such as hospitals, community health centers, schools,  local and international nongovernmental organizations. . There are also opportunities in education and mentoring, management and research to improve midwifery practice.



Applying to our Degree or Diploma Program is as follows;

  1. Click the application form below Complete, sign and return application form to the office.
  2. The form 👉👉 Sahal University Registration Form
  3. Fill all the information in the application and click submit
  4. High School Diploma and two passport-size photos
  5. Students are expected to pay only half of the fee $160
  6. Student can divide the fee into 4 installments

Remember to chat us on WhatsApp  or in Facebook once you fill the form

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WhatsApp: +252906793748